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When he boarded the helicopter…


…Reem didn’t know if they were alive.


Would he find them?


The summer of 1990 started out fine. Reem was about to enter his Junior year, and the architectural degree would put him on track to achieve his 5-year plan. Life in California was different from his childhood as the second son of a Kuwaiti millionaire.

He loved USC.

August 2, 1990, everything changed.

Reem had worked hard to hide his wealth. He just wanted to be a regular college kid. Finding a girlfriend wasn’t part of the plan, but he adored Sarah. She wasn’t what his mother would have wanted for him, but then in an instant, none of that mattered.

Iraq invaded Kuwait.

Anger, fear, anguish, and desperation push him to the breaking point.

How could he save them?


You’ll love this coming-of-age historical novel because it takes a look at that moment in time from an entirely different perspective.


An American Hero

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